Parent Involvement

Ball Charter School’s believe that a critical key to success for both our schools and students is parent engagement. With this in mind, we highly encourage our parents to volunteer in our classroom and our events. The partnership between the parents and educators is vital to the students.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is made up of teacher representatives, school administrators, a parent representative, and a community representative. The goal of the Leadership Team is to allow all groups of stakeholders to have a voice in the growth and improvement of our school. We encourage any parent or community member to join our Leadership Team to gain information on how to be engaged in our school and the education of our students. If interested, please e-mail Mary Kennedy,

Volunteering at Hearn Academy

We encourage parents to visit classrooms, take part in school activities, and volunteer in the school because family engagement promotes student learning.

There are a number of ways you can volunteer:
- Work in your child’s classroom or assist with small groups
- Assist in the office
- Supervise in the cafeteria or at recess
- Assist with planning and running of school-wide events
- Volunteer from home
- Be a guest speaker, teach a skill, or share a talent with our students
- … and so much more!

If you would like to volunteer at Hearn, please reach out to our staff at

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