25th Anniversary 

Our mission remains as true today as it did 25 years ago.
In August of 1998, we opened our doors for Hearn’s first day of school. These pioneer families embraced Ball Charter’s vision of providing a rich educational opportunity for bright students with a desire for a new learning environment. And with a handful of teachers, Hearn’s journey began.
Our mission and motivation was then—and remains now—student & community-driven. Every day, we welcome students into an engaging and rigorous learning environment that builds their academic confidence. For the past twenty-five years, we have helped students harness their energies, motivation, and desire to learn by helping them discover and build upon their diverse strengths and interests. Our teachers' seemingly inexhaustible dedication to our students and mission helps students thrive through multisensory instruction that draws upon authentic learning experiences. Whether engaged as an individual or a group member, our students are empowered to build their skills and discover their love for learning.
Collaboration and community have been our hallmark from the beginning. A fundamental value of Ball Charter Schools is recognizing families as critical partners in education. Hearn Academy is more than a school, we are truly a community- our own Husky family! We encourage families to volunteer on campus, and we host many events throughout the year that bring our community together.
Since then, we have continued to work together to expand possibilities, honor creativity, cultivate collaboration, and engage the individual to change hundreds of students' lives. Hearn Academy provides a personalized education to all students emphasizing comprehensive academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment. We utilize the latest curriculums that challenge students of all ability levels including advanced placement classes for excelling students. We also strive to reach all students at their current academic level and provide enrichment and remediation as needed as well as special education services. Learning concepts are presented via multiple teaching modalities and incorporate 21st Century skills, critical thinking, and hands-on engagement where students will work both individually and in groups.

Each of our alumni has a special place in Hearn’s history. You have made your mark on our hearts and our school. Whether you are a current, past, or future Hearn student, family, or educator, you are at the heart of our mission. While our building may look different than day one, our vision remains the same. Over the next year, we hope you will join us as we walk down memory lane together to celebrate our 25th year.

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