Why Hearn Academy?

Who We are

We are a group of tuition-free, non-profit charter schools that have been providing academic excellence to students of the valley since 1998. Our goals of high parent satisfaction and increasing student performance are at the heart of our mission. Our desire is to partner with parents in the pursuit of excellence for all students. We offer a well-rounded academic program which highlights literacy and a standards-based approach to education. We look forward to the opportunity to offer our students an exciting, rigorous, and enjoyable set of educational life experiences.

What we Offer

Below are some of the highlights of all of our Ball Charters Schools. Please visit each school website for specific information on what they offer. 


Highly-qualified certified teachers

Hands-on learning environment

Small class size

Community involvement


Mission Statement

Ball Charter Schools provide a personalized education to all students emphasizing comprehensive academic excellence in a safe, nurturing environment through partnering parents, students and staff.

25 Years of Academic Excellence!

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